Ariana Baez ’22

Majors: Education Studies and Social Studies

Certificate: Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory

I am interested in exploring the inequities within the United States’ public education system. In my senior year, I plan to write a thesis called, “Liberalism’s False Promise of Freedom; Failure of American Education,” examining how the failure to create multicultural curriculums has afflicted our society by creating a racist, colonial education model.

During my time at Wesleyan, I participated in a Research Methodology course in Education and Cognitive Development and volunteered at the Neighborhood Preschool while introducing math games to Pre-Kindergarten students. Through my Education Practicum course, I assisted in teaching 2nd graders remotely in the Meriden public school system. In addition, I will teach 3 semesters of a student forum called “Leadership and Legacy: Exploring Your Leadership Style and Potential”. I am passionate about diversity and inclusion work within education and aspire to a career in higher education leadership.

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