Ciara Castillo ’23

Majors: Psychology and Education Studies

As a sophomore in college, Education Studies has opened up my eyes to a wide range of teaching and schooling styles as well as the multiple different ways education can be presented throughout the world. Starting on a much smaller scale, I’m most interested in how education differs between ethnically different societies. As an Italian, Afro-Latina student from an urban city, it has always struck me how my peers in different cities or even in a different part of the city than me can differ in schooling so much: from student to teacher ratio, the funding of the school’s resources/programs, to the curriculum presented to the students.

While here at Wesleyan University, I decided to be a part of the Wesleyan University’s Middle School Tutoring Program (WUMSTP) to gain firsthand experience in how education is presented. Upon doing so, I learned that working with kids in a school setting is something that I would love to do in the future. With the classes I will be taking through the College of Education Studies, I hope to one day use what I’ve learned to be part of the amazing educators who are working to bridge the gap of disparities between schools across urban settings, finding new ways to aid future generations of kids in learning and not just regurgitating the information presented before them.

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