Peter Gottschalk

Peter Gottschalk

Professor, Education Studies

Professor of Religion

Professor, Science in Society

“In the new environment [of late nineteenth-century northern India], discussions and debates on Hindu religion and society acknowledged the authority of science as a privileged body of knowledge, and proceeded hand in hand with the vigorous growth of Hindi language and literature…The Hindi literati mounted powerful campaigns advocating greater use of Hindi in education and administration, and also fostered the rapid growth of a print culture that engaged in spirited discussion of Hinduism and Hindi language and literature.  Such activities were aimed primarily at promoting Hindi as the language and literature of the learned.  But, given that the knowledge of modern science was regarded as a sign of education and enlightenment, Hindi journals also published regular columns on the history and contemporary state of different sciences, written mostly, though not exclusively, by science teachers dispersed all over the region.”

Prakash, G. (1999). Another Reason: Science and the imagination of modern India. Princeton University Press.