EDST 101: Introduction to Education Studies

This seminar will provide a space for newly declared education studies majors and minors to come together to develop as a cohort through learning about each other’s educational backgrounds and scholarly interests. In addition, students will come together as a learning community to learn more about the areas of research and pedagogy being implemented by the Wesleyan faculty in education studies and to build rapport with faculty members. The course content will cover the areas defined in the education studies major–including human development and learning; pedagogy; social, cultural, historical, and philosophical disciplines in education; transformative justice in education; methodologies in the study of education, including qualitative and quantitative; and the connection and tension between academic coursework and practical experiences in educational settings–and will introduce students to additional approaches and subfields.

Course components will include: (1) cohort-building activities to introduce the newly declared majors to each other and their educational backgrounds; (2) collaborative reading and discussion of work taking place at and being studied by Wesleyan faculty in ed studies; (3) creating a space to discuss and read further about talks by visiting speakers, colloquia, or other events in the College of Education Studies; (4) guest teaching by EDST and outside faculty; and (5) a reflection paper on the path they plan to pursue through the major/minor.

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