EDST 210: Educational Gaming Lab: Project-based, Game-based Pedagogy Approaches

In the past two decades, crowdfunding and renewed interest in games (board games, role-playing games, digital games, and instructional games) have created an increased and diverse gaming production, which has become the subject of several studies, articles, and projects related to all areas of education, from hard sciences to language learning and the arts. In an effort to explore how a game-informed pedagogy can work in various types of courses and to highlight analog and/or digital gaming approaches that have worked inside and outside the language classroom, this course will explore the basics of (Video) Game-Based Learning (VGBL or GBL) applied to several disciplines, as well as present a selection of classroom projects informed by its principles.

Educational Gaming Lab is designed as a project-based gaming laboratory that will focus on why and how analog and/or digital games can be effective tools for pedagogy; examples will include video games, board games, and role-playing games. Participants will discuss the application of gaming principles to various subjects and types of classrooms; then, they will engage in a final project in which they will either adapt existing games for a specific discipline or create brand new educational games.

The course will be conducted in English, and games will be created in English (or in the relevant target language, if the game is for language learning).

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