Luca Guerrera, ’25

Majors: Computer Science and Education Studies

Hi! I’m Luca Guerrera, and I use they/them pronouns. I’m an Education Studies and Computer Science double major. I’m really passionate about pedagogy and studying the American education system. I’m particularly interested in special education policies and programs and their effects on disabled students’ learning and wellbeing. 

One of my classes that I’ve greatly enjoyed taking part in has been the Educational Games Lab run by Professor Zamboni. The class teaches game-based learning, and dives into how board games, card games, and roleplaying games are engaging and useful for learning at all ages. I learned so much as a student and then a TA for this class. It reinforced to me that learning is not just information deposited in the student’s head, but a student’s engagement with material, with some guidance from a teacher. 

Looking to the future, I plan to do an honors thesis in Education Studies exploring the experiences of transgender students in single gender high schools, and the school policies that support or harm them. 

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